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How to Send a Vehicle to Costa Rica

Sending or importing a vehicle from the United States to Costa Rica requires some easy but necessary steps.


The documentation includes the title of ownership of the vehicle, the bill of sale, a copy of the passport of the person who will send it, as well as some forms where you agree to comply with the regulations of the customs department in the United States..

Inland Transportation

We will pick up your car from any auction or dealership in different US states and take it to our facility in California or Texas.

Ship Vehicle

We load your vehicle into a container and then ship it to one of the main fiscal warehouses in Costa Rica. You can track it on our website with the Tracking option.


Once your vehicle is in Costa Rica, you proceed to pay the freight and pick up the documentation provided by us, which is necessary for the nationalization process

Customs Broker

 You will need to use a Customs Broker, who will carry out the process with customs and help you with the calculation of tax rates. You can check the estimated tax calculation Here.

Pick up your Vehicle

When you have completed the procedures and made the payments, you can pick up your vehicle from the fiscal warehouse.

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